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Titus Bellwald

The Swiss percussion player Titus Bellwald studied classical percussion and „Music and Media Arts“ at HKB, Berne, Switzerland. After obtaining a Master in Pedagogy he dedicated himself in researching ways of interaction of percussion and electronic sound emitters. During his studies for Master in performance (with speciality „Music and Media Arts“) he wrote several pieces for percussion instruments and live electronics (listen or download scores).
Titus Bellwald specialises not only in contemporary and ancient classical music but also on hand percussion – but not in the widely known latin american Congas or African Djembe but rather in oriental and mediterranean drums:  he studies persian Tombak/Zarb with Pedram Khavarzamini (and also took lessons with Keyvan Chemirani, Pejmân Hadadi and Madjid Khaladj), Riq, Tamburello and other frame drums he studies with Zohar Fresco and various Arab and Italian percussionists. He regularily attends seminars organised by Ross Daly’s amazing Labirinth Musical Workshop.
Acoustic expperimentation and noises have always been a passion of Titus Bellwald. Already as teenager he developped soundscapes for theater and other events. Building his own instruments was a logical step even then, starting with building a collapsible frame to his vibraphone. His interest and experimentation in computer enhanced instrument playing eventually led to his master studies with speciality „Music and Media Arts“ which he graduated cum laude in 2006.
In 2009 he spends 6 months in Paris on a grant from the Canton of Berne developping sensor interfaces that let him control his computer settings in a musical and natural way by playing his various hand drums.
This versatile percussionist performs both as solo artist as well as in orchestras and various ensembles. His repertoire streches from contemporary music to improvisation  to world on to ancient music.


ab3ad (trio with Wael Sami Elkholy and Joël Banz)

New Traditional Music - a mesmerizing blend of middle east, jazz and sonic adventures. CD: "Ancient Love - Alte Liebe" (with Björn Meyer on bass guitar)

Ensemble Contact

"jetzt" is an innovative concert piece with Music written by Nehad El Sayed for Ensemble Contact:

Brunnen & Brücken

Syrian and Swiss folk songs
A program bridgeing between west and east, modal and harmonic, Swiss and Syrian traditions. Syrian composer Hassan Taha, who lives in Switzerland with his wife Najat Suleiman, wrote arrangements of both Swiss and Syrian folk songs for an Ensemble mixing Sounds from both traditions. The work was performed at several concerts including "Stubete am See" 2016, where the whole performance was recorded and broadcast by swiss radio SRF2. A CD recording will be made in April 2017.

Ensemble del mar (past collaboration)

The "Ensemble del mar specializes on baroque music from the mediterranean as well as traditional music from coastal regions.

other collaborations

Timpanist in various Baroque orchestras (such as. „les Passions de l’ âme“, Berne and „L’ Estro Armonico“ of HKB with Malcolm Bilson, Fortepiano), „L’Amoresca“ Ensemble with Elisabeth Pawewelke, Dominika Bonk and Emanuele Forni, concerts or recordings with the likes of Gaudenz Badrutt, Nehad El Sayed, Olivier Latry, Emanuele Forni, Fanny Anderegg, Florian Volkmann, Gabrielle Weber, Ensemble Paul Klee, OPUS-Orchester, Orchester der Gymnasien Bern-Neufeld and others.


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