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welcome to the website of Titus Bellwald

here you can find information regarding upcoming concerts and events, about myself and my work and about my various teaching offers as well as about my musical playgrounds. Of course there's also opportunities to listen and watch...

upcoming concerts


The first CD of ab3ad is here!!!

you can order it now from me or buy it at cede.ch/fontastix. It is called "Ancient Love" and features Björn Meyer as guest on bass. For those unimpressed by gorgeous artwork in print (including a booklet with liner notes and lyrics in german, english and arabic) the album is available on spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay and similar. Meanwhile ab3ad Trio (Wael Sami Elkoly - voice and oud, Emre Aydin - Bass and Titus Bellwald - percussion) is rehearsing the material for upcoming concerts.

My high quality handmade Riqs are presented on their own web site

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